Tips to get good marks in CA Final SFM

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Updates and details for Tips to get good marks in CA Final SFM:

SFM has some topics which carry a good weightage in every trial which are Capital Budgeting, Foreign Exchange Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Derivatives. But instead of starting with a topic containing heavy concepts start with a lighter note and very interesting topic i.e. Bond Valuation. Thereafter complete Mergers and acquisition. After accomplishing these 2 small topics with over to a bigger one i.e. Portfolio Management. In portfolio management formulas are very important to learn. Then complete the Mutual Fund and thereafter pick the most important topic “Foreign Exchange Risk Management”.

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Now, its turn for the last topic i.e. Capital Budgeting. In this chapter leasing is one of the important content wherefrom usually questions are asked. In this chapter understand the basics and you would learn the technicalities as you would move on the chapter through solving the questions of previous attempts. Try to solve more and more no. of questions of previous attempts theory questions.

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Tips to prepare for SFM:

  • First of all understand that SFM is not a very tuff subject and it can be handled easily with proper guidance and planning. Some students might find it very interesting but at the same time this is not among favorite subject for other students.
  • It is important to use right reference book for the subject from the very beginning.
  • As a general understanding ICAI study material is a must for preparation. Chapter in the study of SFM has been organized to provide a logical sequence to facilitate easy understanding.
  • In numerical subject like SFM Conceptual study and understanding is must. Without Conceptual clarity it would be tuff for you to perfom well in SFM subject.
  • I would also suggest you one strategy that a heavy topic should be followed by a small topic. In other words after copleting a heavy chapter, start a small and easy chapter.
  • A good revision strategy is also important in a subject like SFM. In case of poor revision, it would be difficult for you to recall SFM concepts and formulas in exam hall.
  • Theory portion can be prepared on daily basis. Recommend to study atleast one hour daily.
  • SFM, the question paper is purely practical. Therefore, you have to practice solving a good number of questions on each topic. Try to solve each problem on your own (by yourself), in spite of just auditing the solution from notebook or study material. So, Do practice on regular basis. Don’t refer to solution from your notebook or any where else.

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