How to score good in CA Final Advanced Management Accounting

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Updates and details for How to score good in CA Final Advanced Management Accounting:

Hello, friends..!! Here, I have given you some tips & tricks which doesn’t give 100% guarantee for success in exam but you’ll definitely be able to score good marks in the exam. So, read the article carefully and stay tuned with us for more updates. If you have any query about this article, you can write it in the comment box.

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First of all, I want to provide you List of Topic wise in order of preference. It will help you to start with which topic and also the what should be the next topic for preparation. Theory portion plays a vital role in this paper. If nothing will work, then surely theory will work in this paper. Weightage of theory portion usually remains 20-30 marks, but generally we found 16 marks of theory in every term paper. So, make your plan accordingly.

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Topic wise in order of preference :-

1. Transportation Problem
2. Linear Programming
4. Simulation
5. Learning Curve
6. Developments in the Business Environment
7. Budget & Budgetary Control
8. Pricing Decision & Transfer pricing
9. Cost Concepts in Decision making
10. CVP Analysis and Decision making
11. Standard Costing

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To score good in the CA Final Advanced Account Management, I have given some important tips & tricks which are given below. Read it carefully and crack the exam with full confidence.

1) After the Group-1 exam, first and foremost, forget about the group-1 exam-it’s a sunk gain or sunk cost not relevant in decision making.

2) Make proper working notes for all important topics. Go through each and every topic thoroughly and understand conceptual points supporting each topic.

3) If you failed more than three times, I prefer you to replace your all the old books with new books preferably new authors.

4) Avoid overwriting. Where they become necessary, strike off and write again. Accuracy is more important than correctness.

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5) Always leave left hand page for showing workings, assumptions and notes. Workings are a must for the answer to be valid and should be fairly elaborate. Use last page of the booklet for rough work.

6) If there is a question for which you do know the answer but do not have the time to write it fully, write a synopsis for the answer. This should be done, if required, only at the end of the answer sheet.

7) Try to mange two pens i.e. Blue and Black ink only in exam hall. Use black ink pen only for underling the key words of answers, for making columns and headings.

8) You are advised to practice such numerical questions which cover the technical points, formulas and adjustments of entire chapters.

9) Before answering any question you need to make a rough solution in your mind and then go accordingly. No need to make hurry in papers like SFM and costing as one mistake may spoil your entire efforts. In Costing you won’t get amendments very frequently, so no need to worry about amendments etc.

10) Answer the easiest question first and in that order the rest. It is preferable to answer the fewer questions correctly and fully rather than more questions answered partially in each case.

11) Just before answering each question, read the question very carefully word by word trying to make the significance of each word, atleast once. If necessary, this may repeated even three or four times, particularly in the numerical subjects.

12) Answer the theory questions preferably last in the case of numerical subjects as these can be answered correctly in shorter periods quite often.

I hope you liked my article and you’ll try to follow the steps which are given in this article. Thank you for read it carefully and All the best for your exam.

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