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ICAI has announced in the Notification BoS/Announcement/227/13 Dated 7th January 2013 that students who are pursuing PCC (Professional Competence Course) will be required to convert in Intermediate Professional Course (IPC) after November 2012 examination. So, this means November 2012 was the last attempt of CA PCC. ICAI further clarified that it will not conduct PCC examination from May 2013 exam sessions. So, PCC students who failed in November 2012 CA PCC examination will have to convert in Intermediate Course (IPC) by conversion from PCC to IPCC exam to be eligible for upcomin CA exams. So, check below for the Simple Procedure to Convert from PCC to IPCC to Appear in Nov 2013 & later IPCC exams.

Note: IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course) is renamed to Intermediate (IPC  = Intermediate Professional course) from May 2013 exam onwards.

PCC to IPCC Conversion

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A. Procedure of  PCC to Intermediate  (IPC)  Conversion:

Below Simple Procedure to Convert from PCC to IPCC to Appear in upcoming IPCC examination is given.

> Fill and submit the prescribed form along with Conversion Fee as specified above for shifting from Professional Competence Course (PCC) to Intermediate (IPC) Course. Form for switchover to Intermediate (IPC) Course can be downloaded from the following link:

Download PCC to IPCC Conversion Form:

PCC to IPCC Conversion Fees: If you want to convert from PCC to IPCC then you will have to pay Rs.500 as conversion fee (for both groups) from PCC to IPCC.

Particulars of fee






Conversion Fee for Both Groups (including Study Material)




ATC   (Optional ) Fee



Note: The 500Rs amount should be paid by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “The Secretary,The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at Mumbai/ Chennai / Kotkata / Kanpur/ New Delhi [as the case may be].

Documents to be Enclosed with Conversion Form:
> Enclose a copy of certificate issued by the ICAI having undergone Compulsory Computer Training (CCT)/ Information Technology Training (ITT), if already completed, for ready reference.
>Enclose a copy of Articled/ Audit Training Registration/ Completion Certificate issued by the Institute.

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B. Eligibility Requirement to appear in Intermediate (IPC) Examination after conversion:

Professional Competence Course (PCC) students would be eligible to appear in the Intermediate (IPC) Nov 2013 Examination on fulfilling the following requirements:

(a) Undergo 100 hours Information Technology Training (ITT), if not completed earlier;

(b) Completion of nine months practical training (which include concurrent study course for a period of eight months) – students who are not fulfilling the above requirement (i.e. has served less than 9 months of articled training), shall be required to re-register for practical training and complete nine months so as to become eligible for appearing in the Intermediate (IPC) Examination;

It is clarified that students who are converting from PCC to Intermediate (IPC) Course are required to undergo articled training for a period of three and half years (3½);
(c) Orientation Course is exempted for PCC students converting to Intermediate (IPC) Course.

So PCC students who converts to IPCC will not have to do the Orientation Training.

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  1. Dhanesh says:


    i have one query..

    i have only passed 1st group of PCC and have not cleared any paper in 2nd group. So i will have to convert now to IPC and and will have to write 3 papers.

    My query is when we fill and give the conversion form, how long it will take to complete the conversion because the last date for applying for may 2013 exam without paying fine is on 27th feb, 2013

    kindly reply to this query as soon as possible.

    • Admin says:

      You can fill and give conversion form at any time from now. Do it at the earliest. Conversion process will be faster as the time gap is short for exam form filling.
      When you apply for conversion then how long it took, please share your experience with us.. it will be useful to our readers.

      • Dhanesh says:

        yes sir. i will give the conversion form tomorrow itself. and i will share the experience as to how long it took for conversion.

        one more query. I will be able to apply for examination only after getting converted to IPC na? means, i cannot apply for examination now if i just given the conversion form, right?

        and thank you for the super fast reply.

  2. saikumar says:

    hi sir

    I was completed group 1 of Pcc but
    2nd group of Pcc was not passed in Nov 12 also

    my doubt is now i have to convert to ipc and i have to write under unit scheme. right ?

    but what is the passing criteria ? what it the difference between unit 4 , 6 and unit 8.

    should i get aggregate in unit 4 separately and unit 6 separately. or just single aggregate in unit 8.

    another doubt also

    what is this

    are required to appear and pass in one sitting as a unit candidate in ipc.”

    pls tell me clearly sir.

    • Admin says:

      Yes you will have to appear for IPC under UNIT scheme. You should appear for UNIT 8 to clear IPC. If you appear for UNIT 4 then you’ll be declared as cleared group I of IPC. Same as in UNIT 6. So, appear for UNIT 8.
      You need to clear UNIT 8 in one sitting. Like it was in PCC, i.e. you need to pass whole group to clear exam.

      Don’t worry more about it. Just prepare for May 2013 thoroughly and Just CRACK IT. Best of luck.

  3. saikumar says:

    first of all

    thank you for your immediate response sir.

    that means

    1.about writing unit 8 under ipc is same as it is writing group 2 in Pcc exam,

    for each subject not less than 40 marks and total should be not less than 150 marks is requirement to pass unit 8 ?

    2.and also tax paper is 50marks for Dt and 50marks is for service tax and vat

    Right sir ?

    thank you for your valuable suggestions sir.

  4. saikumar says:

    thank you sir

    your information helped me lot.

  5. Dhanesh says:


    i have given the conversion form to the institute. I had asked them the query regarding when to apply for examination for which they replied that it will be better to apply for examination at least after 4-5 days after giving the conversion form. They also said, it will be better NOT to apply online this time because, first ICAI should get our conversion form and only after that we should give the exam forms. So if i gave the conversion form today, they will send it soon enough to ICAI HQ to get it processed and after 4-5 days give the exam form(manual one) to the institute.. so by that time, our registration process will take place.

    I hope this information is helpful.

  6. vikas says:

    can we online apply for conversion pcc to ipcc???
    plz rely soon

  7. Sweta says:

    Can we fill the examination form online after submiiting conversion form ? and also if so then is there any details to be filed up about the conversion in that examination form because when i asked about the registration number it remains the same.

  8. Shekhar says:

    how do you pay the fee of Rs.500/-.
    means thru draft or by cash.

    plz. reply soon……

    i also hv to go fr conversion..

    thanks in advance..

    • Admin says:

      The 500Rs amount should be paid by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “The Secretary,The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at Mumbai/ Chennai / Kotkata / Kanpur/ New Delhi [as the case may be].

  9. Rupam says:

    sir, i have not cleared group 2 of PCC exam in Nov’12 now my query is that after conversion from PCC to IPCC i will have to give only 3 papers no ??? i.e. Costing/FM, IT/SM, Taxation. and also i will not be eligible for exemption right?? i.e. i will have to clear all the papers. pls reply

  10. Yogesh says:

    I have cleared 1st group of PCC and having a exemption in Tax in Nov,12 PCC exam. I will be converting to IPC for appearing in May,13 IPC exam.
    So what Unit will I be liable to give exam as I am left with only two subjcts i.e. Costing & Fm; and IT & SM ? And what will be criteria for passing the IPC exam in my case ?

    • teja says:

      You have to apply for :

      Group I Paper 3 : Cost Accounting and Financial Management
      Group I Paper 4 : Taxation
      Group II Paper 7 : Information Technology Strategic Management

      You will get the corresponding Paper-wise Exemption ie ., taxation in your case

      • yogesh says:

        Thank u for the quick rply.
        And what will be the passing criteria same as pcc ? i.e. 40 marks individual subjects and 150 aggregate including exempted paper of the unit-8 rite??

        • Admin says:

          ^Yes. It’ll be like that.. But I will recommend you to get it confirmed from ICAI too.

          • Vishal says:

            Hello Sir,

            I have cleared group-II of PCC.I have not cleared any exam in group-I so now i have to convert it to IPC.

            I have a doubt related to 9 month of practical training as i have already completed 3.5 years of training , do i still need to attend another 9 months of training or i can give the IPC exam in may 2013.

            Please reply soon.


          • Admin says:

            No you don’t need to do articleship again.

  11. saikumar says:

    hi sir

    i was registered for Pcc on Feb 2009 my article ship was completed on august 2012

    group 1 of Pcc cleared

    but second group still not cleared

    for appearing may 2013 i had applied for conversion from Pcc to ipc also

    but my doubt is institute notified a notification dated on 7.2.13

    i.e Re validation of registration for various levels
    of CA

    is it applies to me ?

    what are the other requirements which i have to fulfill for appearing may 13 exams unit 8 of ipc
    other than

    pls explain clearly sir.

    • Admin says:

      I read it but it confused me. Please contact your nearest ICAI branch and then please share it with us.
      BTW as stated in that notification Its for IPCC students.. But if you want to be at safe side then you should give that form to ICAI without paying revalidation fees.
      But I will suggest you to contact ICAI.

  12. Vishal says:

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for quick response, i have one more doubt regarding filling of examination form as my 3.5 years of articleship is completed do i need to take signature of CA on the examination form under which i had taken articleship or i can submit the form with the signature of gazetted officer.


  13. RANBIR SINGH says:

    maine training completion ka form send kiya hua hai but complision ki letter nhi aa e ,and mai kab tk pcc se ipcc me conversion karva sakta hu or online apply kb kar sakuga and mera pcc ka 1st group clear hai and 2nd nov 2012 me nhi hua and mai ipcc ka kaun sa group fill karuga in online form me , please reply

  14. Yogesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    Actually I have a doubt regarding re-validation to IPC. I have submitted the conversion form of PCC to IPC on 8/2/13. I have registered for PCC on 10/12/07 and so my four years have expired. So Do I need to still fill in the re-validation form for IPC as I have already submitted the conversion form on 08/02/13 ??

  15. Pramod jangir says:

    My questn is dis that in pcc taxation marks distribution:
    Income tax- 75
    Service tax & Vat 25
    But in IPCC

    Income tax- 50
    Service tax & Vat 50

    in above these options which option is avilable for ipc conversion students.
    plz reply soon
    thanx in advance

  16. rudrapal says:

    hi sir,
    i had converted from pcc to ipc on 7.2.2013
    so when i can apply for may2013 exam
    and what documents are to be annexed with form
    and one more question whether i have to apply as a provisional candidate bcoz my details are not shown when i tried to register online

  17. sandhaya says:

    i want to convert pcc to ipc and when i can apply for may 2013 exam.
    may i elligible for that exam or not.reply me as soon as possible………..

  18. Deepika says:

    I was a student of PCC and passed/cleared my Group 2 exam in 2011. I have converted to IPC on 11 Feb 2013. In my past two attempts I was getting exemption for Group-2.

    For my next attempt, I will be appearing in Unit Scheme Intermediate (Unit 9). As part of this scheme I will get paper exemption for group 2 subjects. Since, the Accounts subject in Group 1 is now broken into both groups.

    My question is that If I attempt the exam in November’13 and not in May’13, will this Unit Scheme (unit 9) and related exemption be applicable in November or any later attempt?

  19. deepti ganti says:

    i have submitted pcc conversion form on 06/02/13 . I have completed my itt and articleship of 3.5 years. While filling the exam form for may 2013 online it says that registration no and dob do not match. Therefore should i go for provisional registration and documents required to be attached with the exam form. i did have not received the conversion letter should i wait for it to fill the exam form as late date is 27/02/2013 without late fees.

    • sagar says:

      same is the case with me, may be our forms have not been processed till now, if you find any clarification regarding this please reply

  20. MAYANK says:


    In unit scheme which unit i will select?

    I pass

    Group 1 of pcc and I also have exemption in tax

  21. jaisna says:

    Currently im in U.a.e But i will be answering in india itself.I jus wanted to know..Can i send the conversion form.Directly to the regional council?

  22. Venkat says:


    Firstly thank you very much for your timely response. I had a problem. I didnot received certified copy of Articles completion letter from ICAI but my name is appearing in the list of COMPLETED ARTICLED STUDENTS provided in ICAI site. And i had a copy of FORM 108 which i originally submitted to ICAI. Now how to proceed for IPC conversion.

    thanks in advance..

    • deepti ganti says:

      venkat you can go the institute and collect letter of completion of articleship by showing form 108 original copy.Even i collected from there.
      They will give it on the spot.

      • Venkat says:

        Thank you very much deepti. I would also like to know can I get Letter of completion from Hyderabad chapter or else i had to submit it in chennai regional office only.

  23. jaisna says:

    And i would also like to know,since ive finished my 3.5 years of articleship,do i need to attest any certificates that i will be sending along with the form? like my,itt certificate,or my articleship completeion certificate?

  24. Kshama says:

    I didnt clear ma Pcc Nov2012 exam.. i dont want to give ma exam now maybe after 1 or 2 years.. shld i convert to ipc now or later?? and if now thn if after conversion if afer conversion if i give ma exam after 1 or 2 years would that be ohk??? Please reply

  25. Gajanand says:

    Actually I have submitted the conversion form of pcc to IPC last week. So do I need to submit the PCC revalidation of registration form as my 4 years of PCC registration have passed ??

  26. Soniya Awatani says:

    Hello sir,
    I hva a querry

    I m from PCC
    I hve cleared my 1st grup n got exemption in one subject (Taxation)of 2nd grup.Now i want to convert to IPC.
    My queries are as follows:-
    1. Would my exemption would be carried forward.
    2. Can i fill my exam form for May,13.
    3. What would be d conversion fees.
    4. Could I opt for ATC also.
    5. What r d relevant forms to be delivered to ICAI.

    Please let me know the solutions as sson as possible. Please….
    Thanx in advance.

  27. Bhavuk Chugh says:

    i had submitted the conversion form pcc to ipc on 8 feb 2013. i am filing the may 2013 exam form today i.e 20 feb 2013…still i am not able to fill the form because my records are not yet updated by icai. when can i fill the exam form as last date is approaching…help me out please..

  28. Varun says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I live in Lucknow and I sent my conversion form to Kanpur on 7th Feb 2013 by speed post…….On 16th Feb, I even called the institute to confirm if my form reached them or not and when will my study material reach me…..They said by 10-15 days it will reach me. I received a confirmation letter from the institute on 22nd Feb that my conversion has been done from PCC to IPCC….yet to receive my study material.
    My new Student Registration Number is IPCC/CON/CRO0######…. Its basically same as my old registration number..Today I even filled my examination form….but it has a PROVISIONAL world written at the top of the form..
    All the best to everyone for MAY 2013 exams.

  29. manisha says:

    can i submit my both the form conversion form and examination form for may 2013 on 25 feb 2013 together?…pls reply

  30. Anil Saini says:


  31. Gopal says:


    Thank you for the informative post. I had a query regarding the time period after which one can write the final exams, for PCC to IPCC converted students. ICAI had issued a clarification in 2010, stating that such students can appear for the final exam 6 months prior to the completion of articles, meaning after completion of 3 years. Does this still hold now?

  32. swarnalatha says:

    I have completed my Articleship during 1999-2002 and appeared for the intermediate exams.After this break up of 11 years can i appear for the exams now..pls advice

  33. Varsha says:

    do we get a new registration no. if we convert from pcc to ipc course??…and one more thing sir – what is the last day conversion for appearing in nov 2013 exams….waiting for your answer sir..plz reply soon

    • Admin says:

      No, your registration number will be same. And no update about last date for conversion but I will recommend to give conversion form before 20th August 2013, to be at safe side. Stay tuned with CAcracker for updates !!!

      • Varsha says:

        Thankyou for the previous answer.
        I have converted from PCC to IPC course.But i was given no document by the Institute except a study material collection slip. This means that I have no proof to show that i have submitted the form for conversion.
        If i have to submit exam form with Provisional registration i have no registration letter to sumbit with the form.
        I hope i could make my query clear sir.
        Waiting for your early reply as always.

  34. sravya says:

    Before the amendment passed i have registered for CPT .
    I have completed my and i would like apply for conversion. The problem is i’m getting confused while filling the form.
    The 6th,7th and 8th boxes/columns are very confusing. please can u help me?

    • Admin says:

      Sorry, but I am not remembering what was 6th, 7th or 8th boxes asking for… You can visit ICAI office without worrying, ask any counselor there or other CA students at there will also help you for sure.

  35. RAJ says:

    i had dropped PCC in nov 2010. now i wanna to give exams so i have to convert fron PCC to IPCC, if yes than what is process and fees of that.
    plz reply me by mail.


  36. Varsha says:

    Thankyou for the previous answer.
    I have converted from PCC to IPC course.But i was given no document by the Institute except a study material collection slip. This means that I have no proof to show that i have submitted the form for conversion.
    If i have to submit exam form with Provisional registration i have no registration letter to sumbit with the form.
    I hope i could make my query clear sir.
    Waiting for your early reply as always.

  37. Aditya says:


    I completed my training but not able to submit those documents(3.5 yrs of training). Now I am in India and want to continue again with my studies.
    Would any one guide me, How to continue with this.I completed that in Jun 2012.

    Please suggest.How much i need to pay as fine.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Admin says:

      Ok, in this case, you will have to follow just conversion procedure as given above and then you will be eligible for next IPCC attempt without any problem.

  38. jagriti says:

    I’ve completed my 3.5yrs article training. I’ve submitted completion certificate along with conversion form & ITT completion certificate sign Would I again do the same after conversion in IPC.

  39. Shafiha says:

    I applied vor pcc to ipcc conversion in Aug’13. I received all the material but have not yet received my conversion letter. I called up ICAI chennai but they are not properly telling the details about when my letter will be received. Is it mandatory to send a photocopy of the conversion letter with the exam form!? And what should i do if i wont receive the letter
    Thanks in advance

  40. ajay kumar pandey says:

    sir i need your fast reply
    sir i gave nov 2013 ipc exam and also i have complete i want know that if i got exsemption in 1 or 2 subject in comming result of ipc, then can i convert in direct entry system which is gradution level.

  41. ayush gautam says:

    Hello sir ,

    my query is..I havnt cleared ny grup bt If I hv scored more den 40% in a subject… will dt b exemptd aftr conversion from pcc to ipcc?

  42. preethi says:

    Hello guys,

    i have completed my articleship decade ago, i would like to whether i can appear for exams for CA with the same materials or changed? or do i have to fill in some forms, please advise. i have been to ICAI website couldnot find any information.

  43. Amit says:

    sir, i registered for pcc in apr 2007 and left the course in july 2007, means i completed only 3 months of article training only. however i m interested in doing ca now i’m working in a govt as clerk, so i cant do practical training. my question is if i convert from pcc to ipcc then can i appear in ipcc exams pass group1 and then register for practical traininga/articleship? Thanks in advance..

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