IPCC Nov 2016 Study Schedule – How to study IPCC in less time, 3 months

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IPCC Nov 2016 examination are coming close very fast, so students who haven’t started study seriously yet and are in tension about how to study IPCC in 3 month or even lesser time? Then here is a study schedule for IPCC Nov 2016 exam for IPCC both groups. If you are reading this article very late, say 1 month ago, then follow 2nd round. You can Finish IPCC in less time: 3 month/1 month/ 15 days. This IPCC Nov 2016 study schedule is for 3 month basically consisting of 3 vital rounds. Read our this tips, take a print out of this IPCC study schedule and follow it thoroughly and you will the IPCC Nov 2016 Cracker !!!



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IPCC Nov 2016 Study Schedule

This IPCC Nov 2016 study Time table is given for both groups, So, remove the thought of only one group, go for both groups. Remember, If you think you can then you can. And also this study schedule is prepared for both groups like the way that both group will be easily prepared confidently.

7 Subjects,  you can consider as 6 subjects As  IPCC  Accounts I & II is a breakup of the One Accounts Paper of IPCC & also Some Topics very basic of Graduation level & Cash Flow are common in FM & Accounts


It has four phases: (jump links)

This IPCC Study schedule for Nov 2016 will begin from 1st August 2016 and continue till 31st October 2016. (Approx 90 days).

So, you will have to read 600 to 700 hours by 31st October 2016, you can easily do it with this IPCC study schedule. IPCC study schedule is divided in 2 rounds.

Must check for changes: >CA IPCC Syllabus for Nov 2016 & IPCC IT, Tax Changes for Nov 2016

 Total (Approx..):- 90 Days (01-08-2016 to 31st Oct 2016) X 7 Hrs = 630 Hrs.

1st round : [Approx 415 Hrs @ 7 Hrs/Day =60 days]

ACCOUNTS (60 hrs  1st Round )  :

Broadly about 10 – 12 topics, taking 10 illustrations per topic, it would be 120 Illus. Avg 30 minutes per illustrations = 60 Hrs ( 1st Round )

There are another good 6 days for A/C to do the left before exams, its given in the last part.

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LAW  ( Total 60 Hrs) :

First finish with Ethics, Communication followed by business laws & then Co. Law

( do Co.Law simultaneously with Audit it will be helpful)

Considering the Fatigue factor only 9 pg/hr covered 450 pgs = 50 Hrs + 10Hrs Contingency = 60Hrs 

IMP Note:- LAW should be done simultaneously with some Practical subject of your Interest which will keep you less bored of Reading Law ( Don’t Mugup but in case law based quest try & understand the case & the quest & twist in it properly & then read the ans. Case based quest should be taken after Theory & concepts )

Costing & FM (67 hours : 1st round):

Advised to first do theory as It will help in understanding the Concepts for practical sums also & you will be done with 25% of your practical syllabus.

Costing & FM (Total 60 hrs 1st Round): Theory to study from Past 10 Attempt Papers & Practice Manuals.Taking an average speed of 12 Pages/hr, covering 1 attempt paper ( Only Theory Part ) would not take more 1 hour So 10 Attempts  10 Hrs ( 1st Round Theory )

Costing : (Broadly 8 – 9 Topics) :

Take only 5 – 6 questions from Topics like Material, Contract, Integrated, Reconciliation , say 4 topics x 5 ques x Avg 20 Mns = 400 mns + 20 ms contingency =  420mn = 7 Hrs,

Other balance 5 big topics, take appx 10 questions each: 5 Topics x 10quest = 50quest x 30mn = 25 Hrs ( 1st round )

F M  : ( Broadly 5 Topics ) : Cash Flow common in A/c & FM.& Inventory Management common with Materials in Costing 10 Ques x 5 Topics = 50 x 30 min = 1500 minutes = 25 Hrs (1st round)

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Taxation ( Total 85 Hrs 1st round) :

Finish with VAT / Service Tax Theory first, @ 12 pgs /Hr, : 100 pages of Service tax +  50 Pgs of VAT  = 150 pgs /12 = approx 12 hrs

5 Heads of Income  (Practical Sums @ avg 20 mns sum except Business & Profession  30 mins/sum):

Salary 10 Hrs + HP 5 hrs + CG 5Hrs + BP 20 Hrs + IOS 5Hrs + C/f & S/off  2 Hrs +TDS/Adv Tax & Misc Topics 10 Hrs / Contigency 3 hrs = 60 Hrs ( You would hv done with appx 100 sums in all )

Finish with Theory of Basic Concepts & other topics @ 12pgs/hr appx 150 pgs = 12 hrs 

You are reading on http://www.cacracker.com on IPCC Nov 2016 Study Schedule – How to study IPCC in less time?

AUDIT : (Total 50 Hrs) :     

First finish with special Audits (How to read Special Audit, easy way, Check: >Tips for CA IPCC  Nov 2016 Exam,  then proceed to Co. Audit 1 &2, Vouching & Verification, Short notes, then further proceed to other topics.

Say there are about 450 Pgs & Here you can read 12 Pgs / Hr + 10 Hrs Contingency  = 50 Hrs

IT SM ( Total 100  Hrs ):

( I know it is the favourite subject for students & ICAI ) (Students who like it & Interested its favorite for him to score & for others its fav for ICAI to give 39 marks…lol)

In IT SM, give at least 100 hrs for Students who are weak here & for students who are Techno savvy & Interested can finish this in lesser time.

Information Technology : Read Read & Read. Read Practice Manuals & Past 5 years ( 10 attempts Papers) Papers at least 3 Times ( Don’t Try the ICAI Module now as its very Voluminous to complete. Possibly don’t even try any private Classes Material else its your choice. Only PM & Past Papers Minimum 10 – 12 attempts will save you )

S M  : Read Study Material of ICAI  one reading ( its Appx 150 Pgs to read) Then Same as IT Past 10 – 12 attempt Papers & Practice Manual atleast 3 times.

Most wanted article:- >Important Chapters,Topics & Tips for CA IPCC Nov 2016 Exam


You are reading on http://www.cacracker.com on IPCC Nov 2016 Study Schedule – How to study IPCC in less time?


Adding all the above Total Hours consumed for 1st Round is

Given Study Time: 90 Day x 7 Hrs upto 31st October 2014 =  630 Hrs

Utilized as per above schedule : Approx 415 Hrs @ 7 Hrs /Day  =  60 days

Still Left with @ 7 Hrs (+3 hrs), total: 7hr /(10hrs ) per day x 30 days, = 210 hrs / (300 hrs)

I increased daily 3 hours because here you can easily increase daily reading hrs as you are on this fast track schedule from past 2 months, If you can do that it will add to 3 x 30 days of April = 90 Hrs ( Additional ) 210 Hrs

2nd Round (till 15th October, 2016)

Now in these days, do the same process as above but with More emphasis on things which you must have felt tough during 1st round

You can finish all the important & tough topics in the next 15 days (till 15th October 2016)



Golden Period for Revision

Now available is 16 days x 10 hrs = 160 Hrs.

3 Days ( 28th October – 1st of November 2016) Revision of Accounts Only

13 Days x 10 Hrs = 130 Hrs Left


With Your Revision Now start Writing Mock Papers  13 Days 1 Paper P/day = 13 Papers


Taking 7 Subjects x 2 Papers P/Sub = 14 days ( You can adjust one Paper on some day taking 2 Papers on that day)

Manage hrs in last 13 days this way

1. Paper Per Day with an estimation of 2 Hrs 45 Mins to complete in Exam Conditions & 15 Mins to Check your Answers with Given in Book  i.e : 3 hrs Utilised.

Left 7 Hrs P/day

4 Hrs Revise Two Topics Per Practical Subject P/day = 13 Days = 26 Topics ( You don’t have Broadly More than 26 Topics in All the Practical Subjects & Do this from ICAI Practice Manuals & RTPs Only )

3 Hrs ( Taking an Avg Reading Speed of 3 – 4 Mins Per side of Page You can Read Approx 20 Pgs Per Hr

i.e 3 Hrs x 20 Pgs x 13 days = Approx 800 Pages ( 800 Pages This can take care of your all Theory Subject Practice Manuals)

Most Golden Period Before the Real Attack on ICAI

So, do write test papers in these days for each subjects for atleast two times and you will unstoppable afterwards. It will be really feeling great when you will be again revising, 2nd time, for such a lengthy IPCC syllabus.

If you feel something are not done yet, you can also finish it.


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Friends, now you are ready to give IPCC Nov 2016 exams with full confidence and also ready to crack it !!!

Enjoy your stay at CAcracker !!!

All the Best !!!

Stay tuned for more updates !!!

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