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How You Can Pass CA, CS, CMA Exams in 1st Attempt Easily

I am here sharing some tips on How you can pass CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS, CMA Examination easily in first attempt itself. Passing professional exams these days is becoming more harder as all the institutes have started giving lower results again. Professional Exam can be passed in the first attempt if you prepare systematically and confidently. Yes, you can crack/pass CA CPT, IPCC & Final, CS, CMA in first attempt by following our tips. All the Tips about how to pass CA, CS, CMA exams in 1st attempt are given below. These Tips to pass in first attempt will be extremely useful for CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS Executive, CS Professional, CMA Foundation, Intermediate, Final exams.

The most important thing for every student would be: Don’t waste time. Just an example, At the time of registering in the course, you might have thought that I have one year period of time , so can study it later. Ultimately the days will go fast and faster and the exam will due. So remember:  “Don’t Waste Time otherwise Time will waste you.”

Key to success in ca cs cwa exams

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Tips on How you Can Pass CA (CPT, IPCC, Final), CS, CMA Exams in 1st Attempt Easily

Below are the 10 steps to make you prepare to crack the CA CPT, IPCC, Final & CS, CWA exams in first attempt easily.

1. Attitude

The first  basic factor towards Cracking CA, CS, CWA exams in first attempt is a positive attitude. Trust in your self that you can do it. Remember this golden words: If you think you can then you can” So generate a belief in your self that you can pass CA exam in first attempt. Yes, you can do it.

So never keep fear of failure and just keep positive attitude. Remember: “Change your attitude and you change your world”

The CA course is really challenging hence the role of positive attitude cannot be over emphasized.


2. Be confident in yourself..

Basically for passing CA course, you need not to be a super genius. Don’t feel that CA course meant for intelligent students. What is a peculiarity of this course is even super genius also fails in this course…lol. The main factor is your mind set up and outlook.

Inject  some degree of cautiousness to the brain regarding the challenges of the course. The word here referred to as  challenging and not  tough. So, just be confident in yourself that you will pass CA exam in first attempt and yes you will.


3. Have a clear cut Goal

You must have a clear cut goal that you want to pass CA in first attempt at any cost. The words “at any cost”  is very important in CA course. You will face a lot of difficulties while pursuing CA but remember you will have to cope up all the difficulties and will have to follow the goal of cracking CA exams in first attempt.

Be cautious, set a good goal. Students normally realize this fact after completing the first CA exam.


4. Forget that CA is tough..

Your approach toward CA is too critical to crack this course. If you feel that the CA course is tough then the course remains tough and remain difficult to clear even if your hard work and repeated attempt.

Think that the course is very challenging but nothing against you. This is the positive attitude. Tune the mind towards the challenging angle so that you can get the means to  face the challenges. You may be pay more attention  and care towards the studies which otherwise cannot be achieved. If you had changed  your mind as suggested above, then , you won half battle.


5. Study with Planning

This is the most important step in the race of cracking CA exam in first attempt. Most of the CA students don’t follow this most needed step. You need to plan that what you need to read and learn today in a paper sheet just before starting reading. It will not take more than 5 minutes. This will build confidence in your self that you are focused on your goal of cracking ca exam in first attempt.

Remember the golden quotation: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”

So make schedules to follow before reading everyday. In starting your performance will be down but later you will be following 90- 95% schedule correctly.

You are reading the most wanted article of on How you can pass CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS, CWA Exams in first Attempt easily.


6. Prepare thoroughly..

You need to prepare thoroughly & systematically. Concept clearing is the important thing in CA to crack the exams. Prepare from ICAI study materials because it is the best material according to me. Keep reading some reference book of some good author too for more detailed knowledge. You can get an overview of the entire subject at the time of start studies. If there is senior ,what is the wrong for inquiring about the subject.

Remember: “Those who learn from own experiences are smart, genius is the one who learns from other’s experiences”

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7. Revision is must..

Revision is the vital step that you must fulfill. Keep revising whatever you read in whole week in Sunday. This will lead you to crack the CA exams in first time for sure.


 8. Strategies

Follow a strategy of study. Remember, you cannot study accounts independent of company law. Income-tax cannot be studied independent of accounting. Thus, these subjects are inter-related. You have to study all the subjects for the examination.

For example, In CA Final: the issue of shares by a company. Read provisions of company law from S. 55 onwards prospectus, contents, liabilities for misstatements, and so on till S.108. You would have grasped the legal requirements. Then work out problems in accounting on issue of shares at par, premium, discount, for consideration in other than cash, etc. Follow it up with audit of issue of share capital, resolutions to be passed, documents to verify, and so on.


9. Writing

Practice writing. What you read will prove futile if you cannot reproduce it on the D-day. Do write at least 2 test papers of all the subjects before the exam. It will also boost your confident.

10. The final charge

Generally, the pressure valve is turned on only after the candidate pays the examination fees. There is a lot anxiety, nervousness, and tension. If a candidate is well prepared, last minute blues can be avoided. The candidates should learn how to tackle each subject and perform accordingly.

One should know which accounts need to be opened and how to reach the goal in the shortest possible route and quickly. Saying that you should pass 36 journal entries for amalgamation, 16 entries for issue of shares, etc., is unjustified. You should learn to play according to the wicket.


That’s it now you have read the most wanted article of on How you can pass CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS, CWA Exams in 1st Attempt easily.

Go for it..

Best of Luck

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  1. Hi i am kiran . i am planing to write CMA Inter exam on December ,so could you suggest me which group is the best to write in first and how to crack the first attempt ? thanks in advance

    1. try to appear for both groups.. benefit of aggregation is much likely to yield desired result..

  2. still 5 days more for cpt exam.. what is stratergy i have to pick up in these 5 days…….

  3. hello.. presently i’m in 12th and i want to do ca after my bcom. i got 87% in 10th and 89%in 11th std, Can i pursue CA??

    1. sure, but during these days you should focus on your 12th std. studies..good luck

  4. hii frns i have joined cpt but i heared that it is too deficult pls help me to pass in the exam

  5. Hey .. M miloni ..I unfortunately flunk my CPt exams in my 1st atempt .. Somehow I have lost all my confidence now ..I don’t feel like studying the same book again .. Wat author books shud I refer … And is it possible for me ..that once I have done my CPt in next atempt ..I can clear ipcc Atleast 1st grup in 1st atempt .. O not ?

    1. Don’t put your confidence into examining conditions.. Restore your basic urge at the time of joining CA.. Failure is a wake call.. Prove your worth.. 6 hours of dedicated studies are way much.. plan your actions during exam ours.. hope your goals will materialize.. good luck..

  6. hlw sir…i have not clear my ipcc xam…n now i am lose my sir suggest me now that how to clear my xam..??????

    1. beta tumse na ho payega…. tumhare lakshan humko thik nahi lag rahe hai… :-p

    2. samjhe bache….

  7. hello sir, which is the best course except llb along with cs

  8. sir once have to appear for both Group I and group II or one by one i am confused
    please help me

  9. how to do maths exam sir

  10. sir, I have a habit of watching TV. How to avoid it?

  11. Hello sir,my slf neha and now i am doing ca cpt preperation and i hve completed my book but i am thinking that i can’t get the confidence .sir plzee refer me some referance book which can i got more idea and concept…

    1. Same problem faced by me on cpt preparation . My advice is u should solve model papers vol.1&2 so it boost ur confidnce level bcz u can solve easily ur confidence increase

    2. hii neha from which base you are studying cpt

    3. nthing to worry jusf faith on ur self and believe that u can do and try to create differnt ques frm urself from each topic more help u need send me an email

    4. toppers join karlo

  12. Hello sir, I am kunal now i am doing ca cpt preparation and i have completed my book but i am not confident that i will crack the exam what i can do sir.

  13. hello,sir i am not clear my inter icmai exam, but i have good marks . plz, suggest me …….

  14. now i am engage a chartered firm.nd my syllabus is converted from 2008 to 2012.Sir guide me. i have confidence to pass this exam.


  15. hello sir . I need guidance on how to qualify cpt in first attempt. I also request u sir to help me in planning my schedule for cpt xams as u know that the xams are fast approaching.
    plzzzz sir need your help. Thank u.

  16. I am ankit makawana.i am now 12th standard.i will get board exam in march 2016.My goal is to become CA .i tell you only one question.when i wii get the entrance exam of ca.

    1. JUNE 2016

  17. Thanks Sir for the great article .
    Tomorrow is my CPT DECEMBER 2015 attempt Exam and i was so much tensed about it .
    But your Article gave me lots of positive energy.

    Thanks Again.

    1. Your warm welcome. Best of luck for your exams. Stay tuned with us for the further updates.

  18. I am a science student I have an interest on ca .Can I write ca exam directly after passing plus two.Anyone please send questions regarding ca exam.


  19. Hii, friends I m kk Gupta recently I have cleared CA cpt with 163 marks from resonance clpd Kota. I wants to be give advice for any exam. For fight any paper 1st u should be prepare all syllabus. Than before one month of examination complete test series of mock & previous year test paper.
    U can get success.


  21. Hello I am rohan ,my can IPCC group 1 exam is due on Nov 2016 which will start from tomorrow .Unfortunately I was addicted to my mobile and I know I cannot pass my exam in this attempt. I promise I will surely be dedicated to my studies from now on . Should I prepare for both the groups for May 2017 exams?? Pls somebody guide me.

  22. Hlw i am Hasnai,and i am a science student.I want to do CA…aage jake koi jada paresani to nhi hoge…i am very good in maths subject.

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