How You Can Pass CA, CS, CMA Exams in 1st Attempt Easily

August 20, 2016231 Comments

I am here sharing some tips on How you can pass CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS, CMA Examination easily in first attempt itself. Passing professional exams these days is becoming more harder as all the institutes have started giving lower results again. Professional Exam can be passed in the first attempt if you prepare systematically and confidently. Yes, you can crack/pass CA CPT, IPCC & Final, CS, CMA in first attempt by following our tips. All the Tips about how to pass CA, CS, CMA exams in 1st attempt are given below. These Tips to pass in first attempt will be extremely useful for CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS Executive, CS Professional, CMA Foundation, Intermediate, Final exams.

The most important thing for every student would be: Don’t waste time. Just an example, At the time of registering in the course, you might have thought that I have one year period of time , so can study it later. Ultimately the days will go fast and faster and the exam will due. So remember:  “Don’t Waste Time otherwise Time will waste you.”

Key to success in ca cs cwa exams

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Tips on How you Can Pass CA (CPT, IPCC, Final), CS, CMA Exams in 1st Attempt Easily

Below are the 10 steps to make you prepare to crack the CA CPT, IPCC, Final & CS, CWA exams in first attempt easily.

1. Attitude

The first  basic factor towards Cracking CA, CS, CWA exams in first attempt is a positive attitude. Trust in your self that you can do it. Remember this golden words: If you think you can then you can” So generate a belief in your self that you can pass CA exam in first attempt. Yes, you can do it.

So never keep fear of failure and just keep positive attitude. Remember: “Change your attitude and you change your world”

The CA course is really challenging hence the role of positive attitude cannot be over emphasized.


2. Be confident in yourself..

Basically for passing CA course, you need not to be a super genius. Don’t feel that CA course meant for intelligent students. What is a peculiarity of this course is even super genius also fails in this course…lol. The main factor is your mind set up and outlook.

Inject  some degree of cautiousness to the brain regarding the challenges of the course. The word here referred to as  challenging and not  tough. So, just be confident in yourself that you will pass CA exam in first attempt and yes you will.


3. Have a clear cut Goal

You must have a clear cut goal that you want to pass CA in first attempt at any cost. The words “at any cost”  is very important in CA course. You will face a lot of difficulties while pursuing CA but remember you will have to cope up all the difficulties and will have to follow the goal of cracking CA exams in first attempt.

Be cautious, set a good goal. Students normally realize this fact after completing the first CA exam.


4. Forget that CA is tough..

Your approach toward CA is too critical to crack this course. If you feel that the CA course is tough then the course remains tough and remain difficult to clear even if your hard work and repeated attempt.

Think that the course is very challenging but nothing against you. This is the positive attitude. Tune the mind towards the challenging angle so that you can get the means to  face the challenges. You may be pay more attention  and care towards the studies which otherwise cannot be achieved. If you had changed  your mind as suggested above, then , you won half battle.


5. Study with Planning

This is the most important step in the race of cracking CA exam in first attempt. Most of the CA students don’t follow this most needed step. You need to plan that what you need to read and learn today in a paper sheet just before starting reading. It will not take more than 5 minutes. This will build confidence in your self that you are focused on your goal of cracking ca exam in first attempt.

Remember the golden quotation: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”

So make schedules to follow before reading everyday. In starting your performance will be down but later you will be following 90- 95% schedule correctly.

You are reading the most wanted article of on How you can pass CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS, CWA Exams in first Attempt easily.


6. Prepare thoroughly..

You need to prepare thoroughly & systematically. Concept clearing is the important thing in CA to crack the exams. Prepare from ICAI study materials because it is the best material according to me. Keep reading some reference book of some good author too for more detailed knowledge. You can get an overview of the entire subject at the time of start studies. If there is senior ,what is the wrong for inquiring about the subject.

Remember: “Those who learn from own experiences are smart, genius is the one who learns from other’s experiences”

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7. Revision is must..

Revision is the vital step that you must fulfill. Keep revising whatever you read in whole week in Sunday. This will lead you to crack the CA exams in first time for sure.


 8. Strategies

Follow a strategy of study. Remember, you cannot study accounts independent of company law. Income-tax cannot be studied independent of accounting. Thus, these subjects are inter-related. You have to study all the subjects for the examination.

For example, In CA Final: the issue of shares by a company. Read provisions of company law from S. 55 onwards prospectus, contents, liabilities for misstatements, and so on till S.108. You would have grasped the legal requirements. Then work out problems in accounting on issue of shares at par, premium, discount, for consideration in other than cash, etc. Follow it up with audit of issue of share capital, resolutions to be passed, documents to verify, and so on.


9. Writing

Practice writing. What you read will prove futile if you cannot reproduce it on the D-day. Do write at least 2 test papers of all the subjects before the exam. It will also boost your confident.

10. The final charge

Generally, the pressure valve is turned on only after the candidate pays the examination fees. There is a lot anxiety, nervousness, and tension. If a candidate is well prepared, last minute blues can be avoided. The candidates should learn how to tackle each subject and perform accordingly.

One should know which accounts need to be opened and how to reach the goal in the shortest possible route and quickly. Saying that you should pass 36 journal entries for amalgamation, 16 entries for issue of shares, etc., is unjustified. You should learn to play according to the wicket.


That’s it now you have read the most wanted article of on How you can pass CA CPT, IPCC, Final, CS, CWA Exams in 1st Attempt easily.

Go for it..

Best of Luck

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  1. rukmini sharma says:

    I have pass 12th standard from science with 41% and now I have doing I want to doing ca course. can I enter in ca course. please give me advise what shall i do

    • Admin says:

      Yes, you can enter in CA Course. You will have to appear for CA CPT which is entrance level OMR based examination. You need to register with ICAI to start the CA course. Search in our site for more info about CPT. And visit your nearest ICAI branch to get registered and get extra detail about CA too.

      • samala rojaramani says:

        i am fearing alot to attempt my ipcc exam because as it is theory part it is difficult to remember so i want suggestion of yours

    • suraj yadav says:

      ya u can but u hve to study hard bcause u r fm sci. stream

    • Raghavendra Jamanali says:

      yes you can do the CA… IT’S Good Professional course.. ALL THE BEST GO AHEAD

    • shubham says:

      well, rukmani ji
      firstly, u need to check your concentration in accounts, law, cost and fm subject in your level.
      if u think that u can solve level question in account or above subject then u can join ca
      lastly i want to say that read cacracker tips because its very useful and will meet u right answer.

      Be confident in yourself 🙂

    • pankaj verma c.m.a says:

      as per me if you things u r the best then u should do it ….



    • vardhini says:

      you can very well do CA. In fact in most cases science students crack the CA exam very easily. wish you all the best.

    • manish says:

      Yes you can…




    please give me service tax notes for may2013 ipcc


    Respected Sir/Madam.
    I am a student of CA (IPCC) Under Direct entry scheme of ICAI after I also completed my required Training period/ITT/OP for May 2013 Attempt.If i will not fill up my exam form for May 2013 Attempt, is there any Attempt counted for my Exam if i appeared and passed my CA IPCC In November 2013.And please help me in this regard first that in where i joined my Articleship there is no more things to earn the Practical knowledge but the firm provides me some Facilities for my Studies.I also completed my training of 7-8 months.Is it is good for me if i changed my firm. If do not do it i have to change my firm After IPCC to get good qualitative practical knowledge.Is it possible to change my Articleship after 1 year of completion of my Training.And an another problem of mine is i know it is very difficult to get Articleship before IPCC/without Reference any where Now a Days. Please suggest me seriously . It’s a great problem of mine. Please help me what decisions will be better for me for my career.

  5. gunjan says:

    nice site for ca updates

  6. Mubeen says:

    What is the minus mark for CPT

  7. Ujjainie says:

    i cleared cpt last attempt i want to do ipcc with self study it is good

  8. Helloo sir, mene dec 2012 me exam diya tha n mene revaluation k liye apply kiya bt abhi tak no responce , sir u informe me kab aayega result ya uska koi direct cheq ka sistem tell me sir…

  9. N.Suresh says:

    hi friends i join direct entry base i completed ipcc coching in masterminds i feel not come to any letter in icai instute but also sro no there i completion my itt and oriantation courcess and am pursuing article training 4 months completed please help me what desision will be better please help me friends

  10. NIVE says:

    whether a person working in infosys can do CA

  11. Rahul Deka says:

    I need to study CA Course while doing B.Com.
    What should I have to take as Major in B.Com.
    Please give me reply immediately

  12. Manvi says:

    Thanks for an Excellent and to the point article. I have just cleared CA CPT Jun 2013 and all set to Crack Group I. Wishing all of us BEST OF LUCK.

  13. Ankita Sharma says:

    Ya Rahul you can do CA with B. Com or after B.Com.If u will go by CPT, there is no % required in B.Com for doing CA course but if u r plaaning to go for CA after B.Com,55% marks are required for entering in CA Intermediate.

  14. pankaj says:

    I have fail in ca cpt 2 times , pls suggs me

  15. After complete (ca) I registred ipcc on 26.7.13:-) did not complete ITT AND Orientation:) can i write exam 🙂 still i am going to auditor office before i registered the ipcc:-) can tell any idea to write ipcc exam in 2014 may:)

  16. n.mohana says:

    except the cpt study material, i need someother study material, how do choose? ,please guide me.

  17. surya kumari says:

    Hi! i have completed my course. now can i do ca? plz send me reply.

  18. srija m says:

    this site is really good n useful….thank you sir :-):-)

  19. shashi singh says:

    Hai.I m pass out student of cpt but 2attempt on ipcc but never clear .plgggggggg what. Can I do.plggggggggggggg

    • Anonymous says:

      Study ICAI Practice manual of all subjects very very very properly, I am sure you will pass the exam with ease. All the best.

  20. Danish says:

    But if u r from ccsuniversity meerut then 60% not 55%

  21. RAMMI says:

    m not claer first cpt exam with full study plss help me n send ur suggesn

  22. Sonam Dubey says:

    Hi…I have completed my 12th wit 80%marks…and now I have planned to crack the cpt xm and ca in 1st attempt.. I am very much passionate about ca.. but the prob is that I dono what I have to study for cpt xm… can u hep me..?

    • shweta pilankar says:

      dis is my 2nd attempt for cpt … m so tensd nd nervous .hope i pass dis tym

    • Ankit says:

      yes it is not most difficult, but mostly student are flummoxed in to the inter in CA , so i rerequst you, when u will decide todo the complete CA SO you don’t SWALLOW in CA …………………
      I Will pray to god that those student are do want CA in really plz do complete their wish……………………..

      Best of luck………..

  23. srinidhi says:

    IS there a limit to no of attempts that can be taken to pass the cpt exam???

  24. Zehra says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning to write CPT-June2014…But SInce I am from commerce field I dont know Maths..Will I be able to pass it?


  25. INTZAR says:

    I have cleard my cpt exam and now i wants to know that how should i prepretion for my ipcc pls advised to me..

  26. Deepu sahrawat says:

    sir there is little confusion in my mind dat should i go for ipcc both group together or 1 by 1… give me ur valuable advise plz 🙂 🙂

    • B L Sharma says:

      both group pl.

    • Anonymous says:

      Both groups.
      Because you can avail the benefit of set-off incase you fall short of marks in 1 group and have excess in another group.
      Suppose in group-1 you have secured 225/400 marks but in group-2 you have secured 140/300 still you’ll be declared pass in the exam since aggregate reaches 350+. if you only give 1 group and fall short of few marks you’ll have to again give that group. Better go for both.

  27. neeti verma says:

    tell me the best firm for industrial training,,,, i hanve started my articleship in sep,2013 n wants transfer for industrial training in last year….

  28. santhosh kumar says:

    Kindly provide Nov-13 LAW Suggested answers as soon as possible

  29. parth says:

    respected sir/madam ,please upload key for dec 2013 cs foundation exam .

  30. NIVETHA says: brainy friends,pls post the tips to crack CA in first atempt…..Ihad a expereince with science group in my 12th std

  31. jai says:

    very useful article.thank you.

  32. ashika says:

    I ve given 4 attempt in cpt n i hv not cleared… m so tensed abt it.coz to become C.A is my dreams.i was so passionate about ca. But now m depressed please help me what should i do now.

  33. Saumy says:

    I have given 2attempt in c.p.t.but i have not cleared….give suggestion to bettre preparation…..

  34. sreekala says:

    sir… i have completed my bbm… at present i have joined for cs executive module 1…i feel subjects are very lengthy. even i forgets things whaterever i study.. so can you give me tips that for each subject how many hours should i spend.. because our exams begans from 2nd june 2014..

    • Admin says:

      Oh yes, CS Executive is mostly theoretical. You need to take a pen and book and note down the points of each answers shortly so that you can remind whole answer or part of it from that point. And thereon just revise that book and you will be the CS Executive cracker !!! I have seen many peoples applying this formula and becoming CA !!! 🙂 So, now its your turn to be the CS Cracker !!! Best of luck !!!

  35. RooP says:

    hello sir,i have give CPT 2 times..but not yet cleared it…i didn’t took any classes for CPT…i have done my self..and i don’t know what to do now ???? cOze there r no body to advice me…i want ur suggestion….?

    Plz reply

    • Admin says:

      No worry dear. I am always here to advice my dear CA aspirants. I will suggest you to do some classes. So that you can get solution of your queries quickly. And it will also help to get your confidence back. So, join classes, if you have low budget, then ICAI classes can be a good preference. Best of luck !!!

      • RooP says:

        Thank u so much sir..m very much depressed..b’coze i haven’t cleared my CPT second time also.. 🙁 🙁 …But my family r very supportive..They r telling me that there is no need to worry.. u just keep on trying.. 🙁 🙁 ??? but i not able to make them happy from my results..m very much sad for that…??
        so should i join Classes again ????
        and Sir… i didn’t heard about ICAI Classes ? how it functions ?

        • Admin says:

          Its much cheaper than other classes. Likewise ICAI Ahmadabad takes classes, your city ICAI should be also taking if its bigger one. OR you may join some reputed classes too.

          • RooP says:

            OK…sir…i will…and m from mumbai…and Thank u soo much…for ur valuable advice..!!!
            And m hoping…that ICAI Classes will be best for me….and i will work hard a lot…a lot… 🙂 🙂

      • lopesh patel says:

        How can we join this ICAI classes???? reply. If any one knows about it…

    • vaiga lekshmi says:

      Hello.. i also give cpt 2 times… but not yet cleared.. and me too done selfstudy… and now am confident with these tips given by the CA cracker.. thanks for these valuable tips…. thanks alot…

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are from Mumbai then you can join J.K.Shah Classes or professionals, both are famous and produce ample of rank holders. Fees are a little high but these classes have 99% students passing.

  36. Admin says:

    Sir, you can ofcourse do the CWA course but its much difficult to crack it nowadays as ICWAI has controlled the pass percentage. Instead of CWA, CS has better chances, pass % are also good in CS. But before selecting any course, please go through the syllabus of the stream as all the courses have much difference.

  37. mohd israfil khan says:

    Sir i have done bbm…..but now i want to do ca….can i directly registered to ipcc ….please suggest me sir what should i do wether ca or cs…..

  38. N.AJAY VENKATESH says:

    Hello respected concerned person,
    Thank you so much for encouraging me with such useful tips for how to clear ca exams easily in first attempt.I am very enthusiastic about doing ca course(ipcc and final).I am already with 76% and MBA with 6.17 c.g.p.a on a 10 point scale and currently working at a salary of Rs 12000 per month.I am very enthusiastic about registering for November 2014 ipcc-stage 1 examination.could you let me know the last date for registration and the fees.I will definitely study well and aim for good marks rather than just passing the examination.I think ca is easy and surely I will work hard.

  39. lokesh k s says:

    thank you for the suggestions you have given,please mention if any assesement changes in the income tax also..
    thank you…….

  40. Kapil Nagpal says:

    I have attempte cs executive exam 3 times but I did not clear exams so, plz me give suggestion to what should I do to clear june attempt……

  41. Raghav k says:

    HI,I’M Raghav,i just completed my XA-CPT exam now in dec2013 exam, for ipcc is it advisable to write group by group or both at the same time ??

    request for your suggestions pls…

    • Anonymous says:

      Always both groups because of set-off.
      For example, if you score 220/400 in 1ts group but score only 140/300 in 2nd group still you are declared pass cause of set off and aggregate crossing 350+.

  42. pragathiraj says:

    im very very very love about CA but first step is cpt .but my fear cant give any steps to go ahead,what to do me ………….plz give any help to me………….

  43. sri ramya says:

    THE WAY YOU GAVE THE TIPS ARE GREAT .. I HAVE A DOUBT CAN YOU PLEASE CLEAR IT? im from science background i cracked cpt in first attempt ..i some how want to crack ipcc in first attempt .. because i have no other way .. since i dont even have a degree in my hand .. i will finish ipcc in 1st attempt for sure .. but i take a lot of time for each chapter and im still in learning process ..and exams are near by .. then how will i do revision within 3 months atleast 2 times .. my target for learning process is march end ..and i want to start my 1st revision from april .. as im writing both the groups at a time ..its scary because time is not sufficient ..but we are lucky enough as we got 20 days extra due to elections.. i already have a plan but i need a better 1 than this ..please can you help me? and how many hours a day should i study ? i want to just qualify in first attempt but i need to know each chapter as i dont want to mug up or to be pointed out later by some body ..!

  44. Shifali Dsouza says:

    I want to know when is the right time to take tuitions for CA finals if I want to appear for May 2016 exam.Though I had cleared ipcc in first attempt…i cleared 2nd group coz of set off from first group.. And this time its CA FINALS….and I dont want to take any risk. So it would be kind enough if you guide me 🙂

  45. priyanka says:

    I had cleared cpt in first attempt…
    They way you give a tips are great….

  46. raj says:

    2nd gp of ipcc is not cleared since last 5 attempt now my confidence are going down i read all the notes & books related to audit & SM/IT but i dont no how to attempt to que. in exam paper. plz advice me should i drop to CA field .

  47. Shubhankar Manglik says:

    Vry Nice article…..
    Thnx a lot 2 build up my confidence 4 my future!!!


    Res, sir
    I Ram Krishan Shukla IPC student kindly guide me how to pass ca Exam,May 14 is my 8th attempt i fail to neary overall totaling in both group from ist attempt, i also loss my exemption on law on may 2010.

    Kindly guide me .
    Yours Truly
    Ram Krishan Shukla

  49. Vinay Malviya says:

    Sir,I passed ca cpt in june 2012 and now i am appearing ca ipcc but the problem is that my original marksheet of CA-CPT is not got to me till there is any problem in future or there is any procedure to get the ca cpt original marksheet.please must reply anyone.otherwise i will got problem in future.


    thank you sir for your valuable suggestions….

  51. bhanu uday says:

    hello sir,
    i would like to know about the articleship duration after completing and what else are the requirements needed for a student to get registered to icai for ipcc exams?

  52. prasad chowdary says:

    i would like to know about articles duration after ipcc.

  53. stanly says:

    i lost my complete service tax class for this may ipcc exam. Can u mail me a note of service tax.

  54. Rani says:

    thanks a lot.. really a good booster..

  55. Sooriya says:

    I need a solution for clearing Cpt exam my problem is i work hard in class and home and in the exam i forget what i studied i need solution fot that plz give me tips for clearing the exam

  56. barot harmil says:

    Sir, i am very week in qa. Plz tell me what can i do to get atlist 30% marks in qa.

  57. jessy says:

    My son is not cleared ICWA exam, he attempt third time, he is very upset what can i do

  58. Ahmad safwan says:

    still iam studyng 6 semister in after completed my degree , what I do …which course is best c.s or icwa, I have aggregate 65% in….

  59. Raji Ganesan says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am doing CWA inter and CS final.

    I am weak in planning the schedules for managing the both and also I am working in MNC..My work timing is from 5.00PM-1.30AM.

    Kindly help me with the planning for daily preparation and suggest how can i prepare to clear the exms.

    Kindly help me guys.My contact id:[email protected]

    I will be much thankful to you.Awaiting for your reply guys…plssssssssss

  60. suji says:

    sir am cpt student am week in economics bcoz am a non comers background so what shoud i do sir??? pls pls pls sir give me a quick suggestion plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………

    • devesh jain says:

      dont think that u r from science nd from commerce ….every body have a same capabilty to learn….so u r nt a week in dat subject first of all learn it….nd secondly practise regularly try to understand the concept thts it..

  61. akash says:

    sir can you provide me notes of cs executive new syllabus company act & economic & commercial law urgently because i am preparing for exam by my self

  62. amit singh says:

    i am BMS student . i am very good in maths and accounts. i have scored 94 and 81 marks in maths and account without any help of coaching classes.
    now i want to do cwa but many people said that its very tough and u should join c.a . sir based on my marks can u tell which one course should i apply. and i stay in Mumbai so if know the best coaching classes so please tell me please reply me on ################

  63. SURABHI says:

    i m giving this exam 1st time…….plz give me some tips for cracking it in the first go…

    • Anonymous says:

      To clear CA exams you only need one thing in you, conceptual clarity. If your concepts are clear you’ll understand anything in this course.
      Dont at all think that it is difficult since many clear this exam.
      So just read study modules by ICAI properly and if possible solve sums given by them in practice manuals.

  64. nitesh kumar singh says:

    i am giving my first attempt of icwai final in decemeber …i want know how i will able to mange my 8 subject

  65. sravanthi says:

    i m going to attend ipcc xams in may 2014.i m of science background. i m a bit worried about my xams..i need to study 1 more subject yet in part of my revision..n i need to revise all the portions once again.. plz give me an advice how to plan studying in may for the last 1 month..


    please help me to pass my CA IPCC exam held in nov. 2014 , because i can’t concentrate on my studies bcoz i am doing a part time jobbb , to support my studies and parents . so , plzzz help me to crack my ipcc exam in 1 st attempt .

  67. priya agrawal says:

    Sir …I m preparing for c.s executive 2014..I need some important questions regarding tax laws and cost accounting ..these two subjects are very tough for me pls help me priya.

  68. arshiya says:

    hello sir I am taking ipcc course in vizag, as my classes starts at 8:00am in morning and ends at 7:30 pm in evening I reach home at 9:00 pm and leave home by 7:00am in morning for college so I am not finding any time for my self preparation so I request u sir to suggest me a best suggestion to me plz sir

  69. siddharth says:

    i am from commerce stream i wanna knw that which is best
    CA or CS
    i m intersted in cs but then also i want your guidance

  70. bala says:

    My son completed PUC Wth Maths & Stat 67%. Can he Try for CPT, IPC , . How is chance of such students passing CPT & IPC in First attempt. Can he complete Ca Final. How much hours study needed during Articleship to be succesful. iN HE TRY N sUCEED IN 5 YRS.

  71. yogy says:


  72. sohel says:

    Hello Sir,
    Please suggest me that icai classroom training is best for IPCC or not .I’m little confused about that.

  73. Vaibhav kumar says:

    Im currently doin my +2 n im gonna write cpt entrance exam in 2015 , im perfect about the concept and everything but there is something wrong like
    my inner soul is tensed and im gonna do something wrong , im tensed …. and i need certain books as reference for cpt
    Need ur help …

    • R. Kumar says:

      beta first tell me wts ur outer soul says….
      no one is perfect in CA Exam…. ek baar baith pata chal jaega…..

  74. Aman Ailsinghani says:

    Sir I had completed my 10th and I had chosen commerce field my question is whether on websites itis written that you can enrol cpt books after 10 but my frnd is saying that if I start studying. Now It will be difficult for me to pass out 11th and 12th please help me.

    • R. Kumar says:

      beta bilkul sahi raaste pe jaa rahe ho…. idhar dekhna v mat…. cmplete ur bcom first….. nh to kuch nh hoga…
      Dairy milk khane k din hai tumhare… enjoy ur life… kyu jindagi ki lena chahte ho…..

  75. Rishabh sharma says:

    I am still doing my 12th now and i am thinking to give an attempt for CPT. So i just wanted some tips of how to study ? r Should i wait and try to attempt after i finish my 12th ? But overall i want some tips of how to study n what to study ? can u please!! help me out ??

  76. Fahmin Banoo says:

    i m Femina, i have completed my mba finance n working at S&P CAPITAL IQ at hyderabad
    I m planning to write ipcc…
    plz suggest…
    thank you

  77. prashanth says:

    hi sir its prashanth iam pursuing my degree final year may i know the procedure how can i apply for ipcc xams after….

  78. suhani says:

    Sir,i did not clear cpt in first attempt..
    And now i am planning to give cpt december 2014..
    As i already have the study material issued through icai..
    Will i get it again when i register for cpt december 2014???
    Please reply..
    I will be very grateful.

  79. pooja says:

    i pass out cs foundation and now i want to give cs executive exam in dec 2014 in which 2 subject objective base and 2 subject dicriptive please give me hint to crack this exam.

  80. dinesh mashetty says:

    sir….i have only 3months left till i didnot prepare for ipcc nov.& fully tensed can i pass ipcc within these 3 months ……. i’m feeling very discouraged & demotivated

  81. utsav says:

    sir,,,,, what subject we have to study more……

  82. bhargav says:

    thank u very much.ji.i’ll share it to my frds too.

  83. Avnish vats says:

    Thanks a lot for the priceless tips.

    • yogesh says:

      friends don”t waste your time in these reply.
      jzt follow these tips and try to get success.
      ca, cma and cs r not so easy.
      so mind on ur study.

  84. Avnish vats says:

    Thanks a lot for the priceless tips.

  85. pradeep says:

    I hope that it will be an useful information for me to build my confidence

  86. pradeep says:

    I hope that it will be an useful information for me to build my confidence

  87. venku says:

    thanx….it was absolutely worthy…….

  88. R. Kumar says:

    i know how to be a 1st Ranker in CA Exam….
    Just forget all above……..
    N enjoy….. Study as u wish… result wd b as u deserve….

  89. santosh kr sah says:

    Thanks ! sir but how i can get max score in inter cma exams.

  90. karthi keyan says:

    thank you i am studying ca cpt exam how many hours i need to study

    • Sathya sai says:

      Study??? study all your life. what do you mean to ask?
      if your friend has 3 kids, will you ask online how many should i have????
      Dont you have your own decision power to know your strength and weakness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. paramasivam says:

    thanks a lot sir

  92. sarvendra says:

    thank you for your thoughts

  93. Ajay Agarwal says:

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  96. sai chandrika says:

    thanks for giving an inspiration for us by ur thoughts

  97. nidhi verma says:

    yes i can do it . i will try

    • Sathya sai says:

      you will try what????? run 100 meters in flat 10 seconds? should we shoot a documentary in your name as,”Bhaag Nidhi Bhaag”?
      C’mon, now do it!!!

  98. sk s sajedin says:

    sk s sajedin
    i am very happy to read this tips.and i think i must be improved

  99. Mangal says:

    Ur article is good we know all things bt our concentration is not good. So what to do for ?
    How can get more concentration?
    Plz give us info……..

    • Sathya sai says:

      Please improve your grammar before i forget, how to read a sentence. what are you even trying to ask here? if you want concentration then stop being distracted in life. You can also try this herbal drink called Shankapushpi at Baidhyanath stores.

  100. aarhan khan says:

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  101. sapna says:

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    • Sathya sai says:

      If you cant find time then why the hell are you pursuing CA???? time is management. So manage it well. Are you so boring a person to be a CA with no other skills and talents other than studying all your life?? huh????

  102. akshaya alva says:

    i had filled forms for both the groups of ipcc. i have appeared for all subject of group 1 papers and scored exemption in tax and did not appear for group 2 papers.can exemption be availed in tax in group 1?

  103. pradeep joshi says:

    confidece come to hard work so lets hardwork……………..

  104. priyanka says:

    i will try to build a positive confidence

  105. Arunika says:

    Sir, I am doing Industrial Training and I will get 1 month leave. I will be appearing in May 2015…please suggest me how to pass ca final exam in first attempt?

    • Sathya sai says:

      please forget this attempt and chill out till November.Go roam a bit and free your mind from all pressures. make sure you practice yoga regularly. Pranayama is the most essential aspect. cheers:)

  106. sumit says:

    thanks for giving confidence

  107. cavijaybhaskarreddy says:

    nice article to give a cinfidence

  108. shivangi says:

    procedure of reappearing in cpt 2015 june as failed in first attemp in dec 2014

  109. Shravi Nagpal says:

    knows how difficult and confusing it is to plan studies for CA examinations.
    The portion is huge, and the time is less; in this case what one needs is a guide
    and a helping hand. I am now extending this hand to all CA Students at Final
    and IPCC level.

    I have the experience of my own examinations, and I
    have also guided a few friends with their study plans. Now, you can get in
    touch with me if you need such guidance. Let me tell you how I will go about

    The idea is to help you to prepare a subject wise, and day wise plan to study
    for exams, after gaining information about the student’s regular study pattern,
    his strengths and weaknesses, and level of study already achieved. These plans
    would be student-specific and would be for the first and second reading.

    2. Once the plan is made, personal attention is a must, and I will talk to the
    student once every 2 to 3 days and I will also meet the student once every 9-10
    days. This is to ensure that the student is comfortable with the study plan and
    to learn of any difficulties he might be facing.

    3. In addition, I will also correct papers written by the student, and the
    student can contact me at any time if he needs to.

    attempting a competitive exam such as this one, sometimes all you need is a
    little guidance and a little push forward. If you’re interested, contact me on
    9769758523 and let me help you pass these exams.


  110. rahul says:

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  111. pooja sethi says:

    Thanks…for d hints…n now i m promising to my self n to ca institue that m going to crack 2 grp of ipcc wid good marks

  112. hanumanth says:

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  113. ANUSHA says:

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  114. hitesh says:

    m clear CPT in dec2014 in 1st attempt,,,
    i folllow yrrr guide line
    thanks who wrote it …
    now in IPCC nov.15 yuuuuuhh

  115. pooja yasaswi says:

    can i become ca with mpc??

  116. Muhammad Yaseen says:

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  117. Nisha Kukreja says:

    sir pls tell me that is it compulsory that to write section number with sub section or rules . i can learn section with sub section but learing rule with sub rule is too difficult

    • Javed Akhtar says:

      No.. there are no marks allotted for section number.. contrary you will lose your marks in case wrong section quoted..

  118. sukesh sukku says:

    hello frndsss……pls give me suggesions how to pass ipcc xams?????….i mean how to prepare subject wise…………

  119. anonymous says:

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    plzzzz sir need your help. Thank u.

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  121. Kiran says:

    Hi i am kiran . i am planing to write CMA Inter exam on December ,so could you suggest me which group is the best to write in first and how to crack the first attempt ? thanks in advance

  122. ashmita says:

    still 5 days more for cpt exam.. what is stratergy i have to pick up in these 5 days…….

  123. raksha mhalsekar says:

    hello.. presently i’m in 12th and i want to do ca after my bcom. i got 87% in 10th and 89%in 11th std, Can i pursue CA??

  124. Arihanth Jain says:

    hii frns i have joined cpt but i heared that it is too deficult pls help me to pass in the exam

  125. Miloni Gada says:

    Hey .. M miloni ..I unfortunately flunk my CPt exams in my 1st atempt .. Somehow I have lost all my confidence now ..I don’t feel like studying the same book again .. Wat author books shud I refer … And is it possible for me ..that once I have done my CPt in next atempt ..I can clear ipcc Atleast 1st grup in 1st atempt .. O not ?

    • Javed Akhtar says:

      Don’t put your confidence into examining conditions.. Restore your basic urge at the time of joining CA.. Failure is a wake call.. Prove your worth.. 6 hours of dedicated studies are way much.. plan your actions during exam ours.. hope your goals will materialize.. good luck..

  126. anchal arora says:

    hlw sir…i have not clear my ipcc xam…n now i am lose my sir suggest me now that how to clear my xam..??????

  127. Anil Choudhary says:

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  128. Jahur shaikh says:

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    please help me

  129. anushya says:

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  130. Vysetti Usha says:

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  132. Utkarsh sharma says:

    Hello sir, I am kunal now i am doing ca cpt preparation and i have completed my book but i am not confident that i will crack the exam what i can do sir.

  133. liza pattanaik says:

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  134. liza pattanaik says:

    now i am engage a chartered firm.nd my syllabus is converted from 2008 to 2012.Sir guide me. i have confidence to pass this exam.

  135. Ms says:

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    plzzzz sir need your help. Thank u.

  136. Ankit Makawana says:

    I am ankit makawana.i am now 12th standard.i will get board exam in march 2016.My goal is to become CA .i tell you only one question.when i wii get the entrance exam of ca.

  137. Saurabh Verma says:

    Thanks Sir for the great article .
    Tomorrow is my CPT DECEMBER 2015 attempt Exam and i was so much tensed about it .
    But your Article gave me lots of positive energy.

    Thanks Again.

  138. irfan says:

    I am a science student I have an interest on ca .Can I write ca exam directly after passing plus two.Anyone please send questions regarding ca exam.

  139. K. K. Gupta says:

    Hii, friends I m kk Gupta recently I have cleared CA cpt with 163 marks from resonance clpd Kota. I wants to be give advice for any exam. For fight any paper 1st u should be prepare all syllabus. Than before one month of examination complete test series of mock & previous year test paper.
    U can get success.

  140. CA PRAVEEN SHARMA says:


  141. Rohan Gupta says:

    Hello I am rohan ,my can IPCC group 1 exam is due on Nov 2016 which will start from tomorrow .Unfortunately I was addicted to my mobile and I know I cannot pass my exam in this attempt. I promise I will surely be dedicated to my studies from now on . Should I prepare for both the groups for May 2017 exams?? Pls somebody guide me.

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